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I am a consulting software engineer and research scientist based in Germany. With a Ph.D. in computer science, I develop visualization systems that help my clients make sense of complex data and machine learning models.

Jochen Görtler ✌️

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Build understanding. The systems I develop typically leverage a combination of frontend and backend components. Because of this, I have expertise in a wide range of languages and frameworks.

I have more than five years of experience writing efficient and performant systems code in #Rust that can also compile to #WASM, while I use #TypeScript together with frontend frameworks such as #Svelte, #React, or #Vue to provide robust and rich user interactions that are intuitive to grasp for all stakeholders. I love working closely with clients to fully understand the requirements of their business domain—and helping them integrate my work by refactoring or modernizing legacy systems.

Bridging the gap between research and application. I have worked on practical projects and presented my work at top academic conferences. The following are some of my research highlights—you can find a full list of publications on Google Scholar.

Talaria — Honorable Mention Award 🏅
F Hohman et al. (CHI 2024)

Combines graph visualization of ML models and interactive optimization (such as palettization, quantization) to improve the performance of on-device inference tasks.

Neo — Best Paper Award 🏅
J Görtler et al. (CHI 2022)

Investigates how to apply confusion matrices to hierarchical and multi-output labels.

A visual exploration of Gaussian processes — VISxAI Best Submission 🏅
J Görtler et al. ( 2019)

An interactive article that explains visually how Gaussian processes can be used to tackle regression tasks.